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Why You Might Prefer Sedation Dentistry

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Why You Might Prefer Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever felt unnerved by the thought of an oral procedure or surgery? According to the dental experts at Colgate, as much as 9 to 15% of America avoids the dentist out of sheer fear and anxiety. If you’re among that number, you’re in luck, because we have the best dentists in Coconut Creek specialized in making dentistry as painless as possible.

What’s Our Secret to Dentistry?

In a word, it’s sedation. Over the years, we’ve carried out every type of dental procedure on the books; and in those years, we’ve discovered that the secret to a painless, happy, and successful is sometimes simply some medicine.

With our hearts and minds focused on you, we offer the following grades of sedation, varying on the type of procedure you’re receiving, your medical history, and other pertinent variables. Rest assured—we don’t take our dental treatments lightly here in Coconut Creek, be they implants or root canals.

The Grades of Dental Sedation

When you walk into iDental Group and meet one of our dentists for your operation, you’ll receive one of three forms of sedation.

  1. Keeping you completely relaxed, but still conscious for the entirety of your surgery, our minimal sedation is the first grade you could receive. If you’re visiting for a minor tooth extraction or two, we’ll probably be easing you into your dental operation in this manner.
  2. In regards to our moderate sedation, you’re technically awake, but also very relaxed.
  3. It’s only during our most delicate and intricate of surgical procedures that we employ our deep sedation. It is during deep sedation that you’ll likely not remember the majority of your procedure.

Your iDental Group Guarantee

At iDental Group, we care about your quality of care, every step of the way. It’s because we care about you and your emotional well-being that we also employ sedation dentistry. We want all patients at our clinic to have the best, and most comfortable experience that they can with us. You do not need to postpone your dental health when you have iDental Group just around the corner, eager to aid you. Give us a call at one of our offices and we’ll happily discuss our sedation dentistry with you in all the detail you desire.