If you suffer from one or more missing teeth, dental implants could be the perfect permanent solution you have been looking for. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and upkeep. Not only do they look and feel natural, they restore function so you can chew and speak normally again. To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, give us a call to schedule a Free Consultation today!


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Prior to surgery, your doctor will advise you of any concerns regarding your health history. Generally, no special precautions are required. The procedure is not much different from what you would expect during a dental extraction, but less traumatic. If you are apprehensive, let your doctor know and we can discuss different methods of relaxation or sedation.

During the recovery stage, you will need to be cautious of the surgical area for approximately two weeks. Most people describe it as discomfort over pain. By the third day, the majority of swelling and discomfort will dissipate. You will be put on an antibiotic regimen and appropriate pain medication.

Your cost will vary based upon what you are having done. No two patients or surgeries are the same. Implant procedures range from a single unit to multiple. There may be the need to place a bone graft to stabilize your implants. You also may require a computerized surgical guide if you have limited areas with compatible bone. Speak to your doctor to determine what your treatment options are. Our financial coordinators will help you find the economic path that best fits your needs.

The majority of the population are candidates for dental implants. Your doctor will do an in depth evaluation of your overall health status. Some health conditions may require tests and a medical clearance from your internist or a specific specialist. Medical conditions, such as diabetes, can decrease the success rate of dental implants. There are also certain medications that can preclude your body from integrating with the implants. You and your doctor will discuss an ultimate treatment that will be designed specifically for you.

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Flying after any surgery is a valid concern for patients. Many of our patients fly in for appointments with us here in Florida. We recommend that our patients not fly for one week after Implant surgery.

For most of implant patients our doctors recommend 2-3 days of rest. After that, you can gradually increase your activities including work/school. We will provide all necessary work/school forms for your absences.

The good news is the vast majority of patients are candidates for implants. However, if you are among the very few where implants are not advised, don’t despair. There are many innovative procedures that can give you the beautiful, fully functioning smile that you desire!

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