If a tooth is hopeless and cannot be saved, an extraction (tooth removal) will be the next option.

At iDental Group, we are here to preserve your teeth and do everything possible to avoid this procedure. Unfortunately, due to periodontal infection, decay and impacted teeth, removal of the teeth sometimes becomes the best option for your overall health.

One of the most commonly extracted teeth are wisdom teeth. At iDental Group, we may recommend removing wisdom teeth before they are fully developed, usually in the adolescent years, to help prevent future problems. When wisdom teeth are not removed in time, you could suffer from having an impacted tooth that has surfaced, but has no room to grow in the mouth. Other problems associated with impacted teeth include infection, decay of adjacent teeth, and gum disease. All of these circumstances could lead to the need for emergency tooth extraction services. If you are looking for a wisdom tooth removal dentist, call the experts at iDental Group today!

Extractions of some permanent teeth that have not erupted such as canines, may be required in order to make space for orthodontic treatment. At iDental Group, when we extract a hopeless tooth, we always advise our patients to fill the large void with bone graft material. This bone graft material will not only provide support for adjacent teeth, but also lays the foundation for a possible implant placement in the future.

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If you would like more information on extractions, or to schedule an appointment, call iDental Group today!