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Dental Implants

When a tooth becomes badly decayed or traumatized a dental implant is preferred by both surgeons and patients over a permanent bridge.

This is especially true if you have healthy teeth adjacent to the damaged tooth. This technique consists of three components. First, your dentist will secure a titanium implant into your jawbone and time is given to allow for your jawbone to adhere to the new titanium screw. Next, we will create an abutment. An abutment is what anchors your crown. The abutment is screwed into the implant. Lastly, the new crown (tooth), which will take the place of your missing tooth, will be placed onto your implant. In certain circumstances, single dental implant placement has been clinically proven to be a better long term investment than a root canal procedure. The average root canal lasts only 10 years which is considerably less than an Implant. When you are deciding whether to get a root canal or a dental implant, patients who keep in mind proven clinical studies usually choose dental implants.


Dental Implant Bridges deliver the best aesthetics and natural feel to your smile. Implant bridges are often used to replace as little as 3 teeth to a whole arch of 14 teeth. The number of teeth that need to be replaced will determine the number of dental implants needed for the procedure. Implant bridges are popular among patients that have never worn a denture or partial. The new bridge is supported by the implant we will place in your jawbone and allow to heal. The results are strong and permanent. Using this technique, our team will enable you to have confidence and a radiant smile.

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Overdentures are a great solution for loose and ill fitting dentures. With as little as four dental implants into the upper or lower jaw bone, we at iDental Group can give you a complete top or bottom arch. Our state-of-the-art lab utilizes the newest technology and innovations to fabricate an overdenture that fits precisely and securely into your jaw bone. Your new overdenture will snap in and out of place allowing you to have fully functioning teeth. Your new teeth will fit perfectly into the titanium screws (implants) in your jaw bone. Taking out and putting in your overdenture is extremely easy to do. This procedure has become the most impactful technique for our patients quality of life. Our surgeons will give you your perfect smile and confidence you deserve. No longer will you worry about chewing certain foods or having painful fitting dentures. At iDental Group, we have seen our patients cry with relief and joy over their overdentures. If you have a poorly fitting or loose dentures schedule your appointment at iDental Group and let us change your life.

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Hybrid Denture Implants is a technique that consists of dentures which are permanently fixed onto titanium Implants. Our labs will use high-tech equipment and the latest innovations to make you top quality prosthetics. Our surgeons at iDental Group can give you a full row of new teeth. Your new teeth will be permanently attached to the titanium dental implants in your jaw bone. Patients who have some or all of their teeth missing will find hybrid dental implants a cost effective way to get back their smile. Our surgeons can perform this technique even if you have periodontal disease. There is a versatility built into dental implants. You may have an overdenture today but you could easily turn it into a hybrid denture at a later date. Our expertise will give you back your youthful appearance and confidence in a cost effective way.


Conventional Dental Implant Placement is the most common type of implant technique. This technique takes approximately 3 months. Your surgeon will first place a titanium screw in your jaw bone and then allow for healing to take place. Our lab will use the latest equipment to fabricate the teeth that will be adhered to the screw. This type of dental implant is especially good for our senior patients who may have had teeth removed many years ago. At times, due to infection and and/or tooth decay our surgeons will extract and place a bone graft in the socket. This procedure has a success rate of 98%.

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Immediate Placement Implant is the most popular type of dental implant. This procedure is done in half the time of traditional dental implants. You will only need one surgery instead of two. Studies show that not only is this procedure less traumatic to the patient, but this procedure preserves your jaw bone and natural looking appearance. At iDental Group, we use the latest in cone beam technology to precisely pre-select an implant that most resembles the shape of the root. On the day of your extraction, your surgeon will secure your implant into the socket, allowing your gums to heal around the implant just as if it were a tooth. Our surgeons use bone particles in conjunction with this procedure to fill in any gaps that may exist between the implant and your jaw bone. At iDental Group, this is our preferred method of implant placement. This implant technique has a higher success rate than traditional dental implants. Immediate Placement Implant is a technique that requires more expertise than traditional implant method. Dr. Jose Alberto, Clinical Director, has this expertise and performs this technique daily. With an Immediate Placement Implant you reduce surgical time and lesson the length of treatment and healing.

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Computer Guided Surgery utilizes the latest advances in technology to enable the surgeon to gain vital anatomical information. Less than two percent of implant surgeons today are using surgical guides. This technique is the most precise method of success. At iDental Group, our surgeons use 3D cone beam scans to gain vital information. This allows our surgeons to precisely visualize the best sites for the placement of your implant and create a surgical guide. This surgical guide is fabricated using a 3D printer. When using Computer Guided Surgery, the patient will have significantly less pain after surgery. Those patients who have been told that they are not candidates for dental implants can finally get implants with the use of Computer Guided Surgery.


Your new dental implants can last a lifetime if you take care of them. At home, you will need to brush twice daily and incorporate the use of an oral irrigator such as Waterpik. It is important to clean above and below the gumline. It is necessary for you to clean the abutment carefully. Interdental brushes/proxabrushes are also an excellent alternative to clean especially tight areas around implants. This takes care of the easily reached areas. For those hard to reach areas, you will need to schedule periodic appointments with our dentists and hygienists. Our dentists will clean the implant tissue and evaluate and treat the area for any problems. Our dentists use the latest technology and gentle instruments so as not to scratch your implant. For those patients who have hybrid dental implants, it is important to clean the abutment. Your dental implants need daily at home care and periodic dental visits.

If you are interested in dental implants and want to learn more, call iDental Group today! We will schedule a free consultation so you can come in to discuss your options and find the perfect implant solution for you!