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Preventative Care

Preventative Care

At iDental Group, we offer our patients a variety of preventative dental care services including routine oral evaluations, fluoride treatments, sealants, and X-rays as needed. At iDental, we also recommend you schedule an appointment every six months (twice per year) to prevent more serious problems in the future.

In fact, we cannot stress enough the benefits of visiting your dentist for regular checkups and teeth cleanings.

Some of these benefits include:


Routine Office Visits

During your routine office visit at iDental, you can expect your dentist to discuss your health history and inquire about any medications you currently take or recent illnesses. Our dentist may also examine your neck, throat, and tongue to ensure there is no swelling or unusual signs.


Although dental cleanings can vary, they don’t usually take longer than 30 minutes to complete. A typical cleaning starts first with tartar removal from above and below the gum line, followed by a quick rinse of the mouth. Then, it’s time to remove all of the plaque build-up by scraping between the teeth using a scaler. We finish off the cleaning with a lighty abrasive paste to polish the teeth, leaving you with a minty, clean smile.


Fluoride Treatment

Sometimes, if a patient requests fluoride treatment, this will be applied after the cleaning. Fluoride provides extra protection against tooth decay and helps repair teeth in the early stages of disease. We strongly recommend adults and children alike to receive fluoride treatment every three to twelve months.



Again, to prevent tooth decay, a dental sealant is a thin plastic coating placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth that bonds to its grooves upon contact. Sealants are recommended to patients that are prone to cavities, mostly teens and children. With proper care, sealants can last up to 10 years.

To learn more about our Preventative Care services, please give us a call today!