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Dental fears affect many people – and can result in the culmination of several dental problems down the road! Leave your worries behind and let sedation dentistry go to work for you. At iDental Group, you can feel completely relaxed and at ease in the dental chair during the simplest exam or throughout extensive dental work. Give us a call today to schedule a Free Consultation!

Sedation dentistry, performed under the supervision of specially-trained dentists, has an admirable safety record. While any treatment has potential risks and benefits, the risks of properly administered sedation are quite low. The fewer medications that are used, the safer the treatment tends to be.

Nitrous sedation is often referred to as laughing gas. This type of sedation is administered through a mask and takes effect almost immediately.

Oral sedation is given in pill form. Working within minutes, oral sedation lasts for hours. This sedation keeps you completely relaxed and at ease throughout your entire appointment.

Oral sedation can take hours to wear off so a driver is recommended after the visit to safely drive you home. You will need to rest to let the sedation wear away completely. The nitrous sedation is not as strong as oral sedation and will wear off minutes after you remove the mask. When using nitrous sedation, you should be safe to drive home as soon as you leave the office.


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“I highly recommend Dr Jose Alberto to anyone afraid of the dentist. He makes you feel relaxed and at home. I never thought a visit to the Dentist would feel so personable. They really look out for your needs.”

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“Idental is a great and professional atmosphere. They made it very easy for my treatment to be accomplished. The process was smooth and the payment plan they offered was very convenient. I highly recommend them.”

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