Dental Implants
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Implant dentistry improves patient’s lives on a daily basis. Just like the roots of your natural teeth, implants are firmly and comfortably embedded to the bone. Over the span of several months, the implants fuse through a process known as osseointegration. The number of implants placed depends on exactly how many teeth you will be replacing. A permanent hybrid denture can be made with just a few strategically placed dental implants, and much the same for a partially edentulous area. Individual teeth can also be made using a dental implant as support.

Being made of titanium metal, implants themselves do not erode, are biocompatible and are considered the standard of care for tooth replacement today.

Patients are astounded by the success and functionality of modern dental implants. Within a day, your quality of life can profoundly change–restoring not only your smile but your personality and confidence too. At iDental of Miami and Coconut Creek, we often hear how dental implants have positively impacted our patients’ lives and careers, and how they are glad they came to the best dentists for dental implants.

Before going forward with the surgery, we personally consult with you, listening closely to your thoughts, hopes, and concerns. We only want to provide the best care and service, as we choose the type of dentition best suited for you. We’ll create an affordable implant treatment plan that will meet all your needs. Able to freely chew, smile, and speak, our patients no longer hesitate before sharing a meal out with close friends and family. Patients discouraged by hopeless or missing teeth stride back into their daily lives, more confident than ever. Having the smile you have always wanted allows you to be the person you dreamed you could be.

At iDental, our dental implant team, composed of the best dental implant dentists, will cater to you every step of the way. Our dentists and staff pride themselves for their friendliness and approachability. Schedule your appointment today to discuss all the advantages of having a dental implant treatment.

From dental implants to veneers, at iDental you will find the right cosmetic treatment to get you smiling again.