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Helpful Tips to Keep Teeth Bright and Healthy During the Summer Season

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Helpful Tips to Keep Teeth Bright and Healthy During the Summer Season

As we move through spring and summer grows closer, our thoughts go to all the fun and festivities of the summer holidays.

According to a study by the National Confectioners Association, 77% of people always have a sugary treat or two during the holidays. At our dental care practice that serves Miami and the surrounding areas, we care about the summer holidays as much as anyone. Being dentists, however, we want our families and community to be as happy and orally healthy as possible.

Therefore, here are some tips to keep in mind this summer season:

Brush After Major Meals

Throughout all months of the year, you should be brushing at least twice, if not after every major meal of your day. With the summer festivities in the air, you should definitely make it a priority to ensure you brush after every hearty and sugary meal.

Keep to Your Annual Routines

No matter how busy you are, you should still be seeing your dentists—especially if they’re the best ones in the Delray Beach area. Instead of missing appointments and falling behind on your dental hygiene, ensure that you’ve scheduled a biannual visit to the dentist.

Moderate Your Chewing

One of the best parts about summer, aside from all the family time, is undoubtedly the feasting. By remembering to eat all your food thoroughly, and calmly, you’ll make the entire process easier on your mouth, and even your stomach. If you do reach for a sweet or two at the kitchen table, it’s wisest to consume it as you’re eating the rest of your meal—maximizing the breakdown of acids and sugars (thanks to the enzymes in your saliva.)

Wash Down the Sweets with Water

As you’re reaching for that sugary treat, be mindful of how sticky it is. Candies and dried fruits, while nostalgic and delicious, can linger on our teeth long after we’ve finished eating them. Always be responsible with your dental hygiene and rinse down the treats you eat with a healthy glass of water.