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Welcome to idental Group!

Welcome to iDental Group, a full-service family dental practice with a team of the best dentists, providing oral healthcare to families in South Florida. We offer the highest quality dental care and utilize the latest technology in dentistry available today. At iDental, a patient’s oral health is our top priority. Our staff is here to provide comfort and listen to your concerns. We know that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist, but at iDental, our painless dentists and professional team will make you feel comfortable and at home as soon as you arrive.

New and existing patients will enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our dental centers. We are dedicated to giving our patients the most pleasant dental care experience possible. Our highly trained dental team led by the best dentists offers comprehensive evaluations. We will listen to your concerns and desires, in order to create a dental care plan tailored to your specific needs.

 Why Choose Us?


As the best group of dentists in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties, iDental strives to consistently improve and evolve our services, as well as provide patients with the most state of the art dental treatments available. We never stop learning here at iDental; we believe knowledge is power.


iDental works hard to keep up with the latest and most innovative dental technologies the industry has to offer. Through these advances we are able to provide our patients with dental treatments that are comfortable, natural, painless and timely.


There is no dental problem too big or too small that our team of dentists cannot handle. Our oral healthcare team can identify certain patient ailments without even performing an in-depth exam; call it a “sixth sense”, but what it really is, is decades of combined experience. Our patients are understood and given the treatment they need and desire. At iDental, we’ve got you covered.


Zirconia Implant Bridge Special

Overdenture Special $8,990

Single Implant Special $2,460


Implant Learning Center

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If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are both a permanent and appealing solution. Dental implants feel and look just like natural teeth. They can improve your appearance and allow you to speak with greater clarity. Regain your confidence with dental implants! Click below to learn more and give us a call today to schedule a Free Consultation!

Sedation Learning Center

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Have you been putting off much needed dental care due to fear or anxiety? Sedation dentistry can help! Be relaxed and feel at ease while we provide the dental treatment you deserve. Find out about the types of sedation we offer and how you can experience an anxiety-free, safe, and comfortable visit. Click here to learn more!

Conveniently located on the corner of Ramblewood Dr and University Dr. in the Ramblewood Square Plaza.

Mission Statement

iDental Group is committed to providing intelligent, compassionate, patient-focused, high quality care that is available to all ages. Through innovation and the latest in dental technology, we are able to offer exceptional dental care in a nurturing atmosphere. We persistently work to meet the needs of our community by maintaining state-of-the-art facilities/equipment and promoting continuing education for our staff and doctors. We are dedicated to providing an ultimate patient experience and intuitive, compassionate and affordable dental care. We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve by working together as a team dedicated to delivering superior patient relationships and dental care.